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  • National House Builders

    National House Builders

    Here at Nuspan we work with many of the UK’s largest house builders and ground workers, delivering volume on both traditional and MMC projects. Our customers include Barratt David Wilson, Lovell and Churchill Retirement Living.

    We provide on and offsite consultation, have a detailed preconstruction and after care service and with great investment into the business over the last few years we have ensured we can keep up with market demand and deliver in a timely manner. Our growth to date has been phenomenal and our supply chain partners have in turn been able to grow with us.

    While building market confidence with our offsite products and services, our customers come back to us time and time again. Our flexibility to requirements, technical solutions and responsive service has provided year on year organic growth to lead us to where we are today.

    We currently offer turnkey solutions including a supply and fit service plus a levelling compound package and offer free onsite training for all ground workers preferring the supply only route ensuring that our products can reach site professionally using the best logistical and contract method for the house builder.

    For house builder references, or to book an installation viewing or to host a CPD, contact Nuspan today:

  • Ground Workers

    Ground Workers

    Our service to the civil ground working network is extensive. We provide collaborative project specific house type designs based on substructure layouts and as we span further than traditional block and beam, we look to remove substructures and foundations where possible to provide further savings.

    We have a quick turnaround production for ‘just in time’ call offs and support office preconstruction meetings as well as prestart meetings on site for supply only works. Installing the Nuspan floor is made logistically simple with use of a 13 Tone track machine or bigger dependent on reach, weight and access.

    Our service does not stop there, we go further to provide free onsite training where our customer service teams remain dedicated to you at all times whether it be a quick question over the phone for installation advice or needing a site visit or a refresher training course, we are here to support you.

    Our MMC floors can be installed using minimal gangs, up to five times less labour is required than traditional structural ground floors. We can even offer you a supply and fit installation package using our experienced and skilled construction teams if you are short on labour.

    Get in touch with our Civil team to discuss your logistical requirements or if you need a preconstruction meeting on:

  • Specifiers


    We work with designers, architects, consultants and structural engineers alike to provide technical solutions. Our design approach is collaborative, we base our layouts on your design teams Auto-cad drawings taking into account substructure and service positions allowing for the various superstructure loadings.

    The Nuspan floor units are manufactured 100% off site, we do not have insulated infills to be poured on site, making our floor units bespoke, they are manufactured and designed to plot specific requirements.

    The floor design is adaptable to the sub and superstructure requirements and we work to eliminate unnecessary foundations and substructure walls. We have always worked with traditional methods of construction but over the past few years there has been an evident increase in MMC, where we have worked with lots of offsite products sharing some great synergies with the Nuspan floor. The Nuspan technical team can also assist with thermal modelling and are happy to provide you with early stage consultation.

    We also offer a number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions both online and in person providing vision on how to specify precast insulated floors. Get in touch with our technical team on:

  • Retirement Living

    Retirement Living

    Outside of housing we provide low story apartment blocks, care homes and assisted living. Here, the Nuspan floor brings additional value shaving as much as 5 days off the build program from the average 1000m2 ground floor build. This promotes early handover on golden brick situations and early hand over of keys.

    Nuspan are proud to continue to be the nationwide principle supplier for Churchill Retirement Living. Year after year Churchill group feedback tells us we are one of their top performing contractors on site, based on quality, attitude and service.

    The Nuspan flooring units achieve great spans and can accommodate the larger loads in the communal areas making our floors an ideal choice. Often the care market installs using a site tower crane, taking advantage of the fact that there are no hoarding requirements in those cramped urban areas, the crane lifts the slabs straight off the vehicle and onto the blockwork.

    Get in touch with our technical team on:

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